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today you can head on over to mom’s best network and see the feature they did on sloane’s big girl room. i had so much fun putting it together! click HERE and see the pictures i snapped for them. thanks Tana!


sloane’s 1st birthday.


the evening couldn’t have been more perfect. family and friends came to celebrate sweet little sloane. it was relaxed and casual, the best way. i had it catered and even bought the little cake from dippidee. when the kids arrived they could make headdresses from feathers, felt, ribbon and such. as cliche as it sounds, this first year went by too fast! little sloane is the sweetest, most easy going baby. she adores her older brother and he is so patient and loving to her. i love watching each of them with each other. they are my heart.














teepee: house inhabit
flowers: sarah winward
sloane’s dress: zara
my dress: free people
sloane’s moccs: freshly picked
invitations: kelli murray

another dippy video.


sloane + max february 20, 2013 from becky kimball on Vimeo.

sloane + hospital


i was sorting through my pictures and came across these. here are a few pictures of when my sweet sloane was born. i can’t believe she was this tiny. i just love her!






dippy video of my sloane.


so i messed around with my camera’s video and created this of sloane when she was 4 months old…

sloane … 4 months from becky kimball on Vimeo.

my home.


i’ve been missing from the blogger world because miss s. is keeping me busy. and i wouldn’t have it any other way. i am completely and utterly in love with her!

just before she joined our family, i finished updating our front room and kitchen area and snapped a few pictures to show. i love how light the furniture is and the accents of gold. and thanks to my sweet husband for always letting me change things up a bit.

i also added a few photos of sloane’s nursery at the end. it’s pretty white and plain, but i love it. the mobile is from the amazing alison from the alison show and the whale i originally saw on nicole’s blog, me oh my, and fell in love with it. thanks nicole! don’t mind the empty frames, i’m slowly starting to fill them and will show you when they are complete.

sloane elizabeth


introducing our new little addition.

sloane elizabeth kimball
7:29 a.m.
7 pounds 11 ounces
20 inches

sorry for the delayed announcement, but we’ve been swooning over this wee one. we are truly blessed and have waited a long time for her to join our family. we are completely over the moon!

3 days old.

maternity bump.


so it’s actually pretty funny. i only documented my ever growing bump on my cell phone, in my bathroom. crappy photos! AND 80% of the bathroom shots were at work. ha! so if you ever wanted to know what my work bathroom looked like, now you know. wink. the last picture was taken this past monday. i’m sure i’ll have one more on my way out the door to the hospital. it’s crazy to think how fast these last 9 months flew. holy moly, i’m going to have another little one in this house! we couldn’t be more excited.

baby shower for moi.


i have the sweetest group of girlfriends. a few weeks ago heather and caroline threw a baby shower for me and they didn’t hold anything back. heather from {milkglass and honey} created all digital work and caroline from {armelle jewelry} also helped with the delicious food and amazing decor. i was such a lucky gal. baby girl was spoiled to say the least. thank you thank you!

i’ll just let the pictures i took show you how amazing it was!

my own maternity.


sweet nicole christensen took these photos a couple weeks ago. i was hesitant being 36.5 weeks pregnant, but then i’d never had them done with my other pregnancies so i had her snap some. i was happy that max came along too. nicole is the sweetest gal and i’m so glad that she and i have become friends.

as i get closer to having my third and as mother’s day was this past weekend, i’ve reflected on what being a mother is to me. i’ve had an incredible example in my own mother to follow and i have to say that although being a mother is one of the hardest jobs, it is definitely the most rewarding job i have. i can’t wait to welcome this new little one soon and i know that max will be the best big brother to her. how lucky am i? i can only imagine the sweet departure that this new one will have with my angel, rylee, on the other side before she comes to us. i hope that each one of them knows how much i truly love them and cherish each moment with them. motherhood is heaven, right?

and a few polaroids that max and i took after…

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