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Meet Joy Cho. I have long admired Joy for not only her drive and passion in business, but she is also a mother of two who makes time for the important things, family. You probably know her for her book, Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy or maybe one of her 13 million followers on Pinterest. But if you don’t know Joy, then here’s your chance to see a glimpse of her behind the brand. When I was thinking of individuals that I wanted to feature, I was hoping Joy would want to. So when I reached out and she said yes, I was elated! We met in her studio in LA and I quickly fell in love with how sweet and kind and beautiful she is.

Her answer:

It’s tough to choose only one! Personally, the tops include the day I got married and the two days my kids were born. I’d say if I had to choose only one, it would be the day my 2nd daughter, Coco, was born. 2014 was a big year both personally and professionally. Professionally, I had launched my biggest product collaboration yet with Target, and we had just finished working on the Oh Joy book when I went into labor with Coco. After having been ordered on bed rest at 34 weeks (the doctor said I was working too much!), being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and trying to do my best to work from bed while attempting to rest and keep my baby in there till term, we finally made it to 38 weeks before she decided to arrive two weeks early. Her arrival marked the icing on the cake of what had been a great year and that day was truly the best because that’s when we knew our family was complete.




I fell in love with her studio, it’s so cheerful and light and bright! You’re sure to fall in love with it too.











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