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Another year has come and gone and we celebrated Sloane’s birthday by going all out again. This year she wanted unicorns and more rainbows. And lucky for me I still had paper products and bags left from last year. I’m thinking this may be the last year that I’ll be able to plan a party like this because chuck e’cheese is looking really good to her. So if someone else wants something done, I’ll do it for you.

I started by creating another balloon installation. This year I was able to use what I learned last year and it was a lot easier. I did have the help from my sister and friend, which also was super helpful. And how darling is the unicorn piñata? and the little baby unicorns?! Lula Flora made them and I was obsessed. They have so many amazing products.

Sloane had such a good time with her little friends. We played pin the unicorn horn on the unicorn, coloring, had the candy filled unicorn to break open, ate pizza and played. This age is such a fun age, but I’m dying a little inside knowing that she is growing up too fast.






Piñatas: Lula Flora
Paper Goods: Meri Meri
Balloons: Oh Happy Day
Unicorn Floaties: Ban.do
Rainbow/Big Unicorn Float: Fun Boy
Sloane’s Dress: Zara
Cake: Pippa Cakery


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